Photography Tips

Having an interest in photography from a pretty young age and taking it seriously from 2006 I have built up some interesting photography tips from just general experience. Here I present my Photography tips, we are starting with 10 first, more will follow in the future:

  • Having a bottle of water with you on a photo shoot can be useful, you never know if you might need a sip of water, especially if it’s a particularly warm day.
  • Smile when taking a photo of someone, your face might be hidden behind the camera but it still shows that you are having fun while taking photos
  • Invest in good lenses or glass, camera bodies come and go but a good lens which is properly taken care of will last you a long time.
  • Ramp up the ISO on your camera if it means you will be able to get the shot you need. You can always remove the noise in post production.
  • When possible print your photos, it’s great to see your photos on a computer screen but it’s even better when you can see them printed out, whether that is on photo paper or on canvas.
  • Learn to shoot on Manual, Aperture Priority and Shutter priority.
  • If you have a camera flash, experiment with off camera flash photography.
  • Gear acquisition syndrome is all fine and well, but that won’t turn you into a great photographer over night.
  • Keep learning, just because you know something doesn’t mean you can’t learn something else if you have never worked with off camera flash start learning and expanding your skill sets.
  • When taking portraits of people, don’t use a wide angle lens, even if you are using a compact point and shoot try and zoom out. The reason being that longer focal lengths make the face look better.