Frequently asked questions:


How much do you charge for x photos (usually under 10 photos)?

This is something I get quite a bit, especially when people hear what I ask for 40 photos. And the honest answer is, I generally don’t take less than 10 photos of someone. Now the main reason why is quite simple: it’s not cost effective for me.

Let’s decide to take a couple photos at the botanical gardens.

I have to drive all the way over there, pay for my entrance and then after a minute of taking 10 photos, I have to go again.

One of the things people tend to forget is, that 40 photos sound like way too many photos. It’s not that many, keep in mind that usually when I finish a 40-photo shoot, I tend to leave with about 100 photos.

Most are duplicates of the same theme, but in those 100 photos is usually the one which is worth its weight in gold.

Can we take photos at your studio?

Short answer, no not anymore.

Long Answer I don’t have a studio space anymore.

If you do need studio quality photos. I do have a mobile studio kit with lights, a backdrop and everything I tend to use for my corporate headshots.


Where do you usually take photos?

Usually, I like to take photos at the botanical gardens, as it’s an area I know and I know I will be able to get some great photos.

Areas in Bloemfontein is Navel Hill, the old firefighters building or the multitude of old buildings in the area.

I avoid Bloem CBD as well as taking photos of people posing in the streets with cards behind them for one important rule: safety first, photos second.

What equipment do you use in your photography?

My Photography kit consists of the following: with almost every shoot I do, I use a Canon 6D, with a Canon 7D as my backup camera.

The 6D is a workhorse of a camera and hasn’t let me down yet, but if the moment requires fast shutter speed, the 7D is great for that.

My lenses: The 24-70mm F2.8L is pretty much with me whenever I do anything, it’s a great versatile lens.

From portraits to group photos, it shines everywhere.

Then my favorite lens for portrait work, the Canon 100mm F2.8L Macro. Not a lens you would think would work for portrait work, but it shines, also it allows me to take up-close photos if I need it.

The Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART is currently the next favorite lens. When shooting wide open it allows a nice bokeh (the fancy name for background blur) and also a very good lens at low light, especially shooting at F1.4.

Then onto my Speed lights, I always used the Canon 430 EX II speed light for the longest time, as it was the only flash, I had that was compatible with my Gary Fong lightspere collapsible.

I had the Canon 580 in reserve, but as of late I am using the Godox V860C with the new universal Gary Fong light sphere collapsible. Although as of late I am moving more towards shooting less with the flash, in some scenario’s as covering an event, you need to use a flash.

Graphic Design

What would you describe your graphic design style as?

Clean and minimalistic, I am not completely into abstract minimalism to the point where you have to wonder what the logo is supposed to be. But I also don’t like the attitude of throwing things onto the logo to try and make it work.

Website design

What is SEO and why is it important?

SEO stands for Search engine optimization, in short it is to get your website a higher ranking from search engines. Allowing people to find your website and content easier.

Can you do printing at your premesis?

Unfortunately, no, but I can get printing cost quotes for you from printers I trust and rely on.

Why isn’t my website ranking number 1 in google?

This has to do with two things. 1) Search engine optimization and 2) Ads.

To be honest, the chances of your website ever being the first thing searched for is unlikely. Unless it has a name or url that is very unique.

Another thing to keep in mind is that it takes approximately 6 to 8 weeks for a search engine (Google, Bing, yahoo etc) to index your website. So will take sometime to build up your SEO ranking.

Another thing to keep in mind is, almost every top spot on a search result is from a ad. I can help you setup a adwords campaign for your website to help with your SEO and to get traffic to your site.