Family photography

Want to get some new family photos of you and your loved ones? The family has got together for the first time in ages and it’s time to update the family portrait?  Then let Pieter help take some new family photos for you and your family.

For family photography I like to take photos on location in areas around Bloemfontein such as the Botanical gardens.

family-photos family photography - Family photography
family photography - Family photography

When doing a family photoshoot I tend to direct the people in poses as well as how to stand or sit for the photos. But I also enjoy getting feedback from the people being photographed so that I can get photos that the people will like.

When doing a family photo shoot, I try to split the photo package in such a way there the is enough photos of the whole family, some photos of kids and photos of the couples.

Please note when doing a family shoot I prefer to do the large family poses at the start of the session.

Family photography takes approximately an hour to do.

Don’t delay, contact Pieter today.