Canon 100mm Macro F2.8L review

canon 100mm macro f2.8l review - Canon 100mm Macro F2.8L review

canon 100mm macro f2.8l review - Canon 100mm Macro F2.8L review

When I bought the Canon 100mm Macro F2.8L for work on weddings when taking pictures of the rings, I was surprised by the quality of the lens I was getting. I knew the lens was good at taking macro from the reviews I read, but from using the lens I discovered that it can do so much more than macro.

From using the Canon 100mm Macro F2.8L I have come to the realization that this lens is one of the best lenses in the canon line up of prime lenses.

In use with macro:

This is what I originally used the lens for, it’s incredibly sharp and such a joy to use, especially with the stabilisation built into the lens, which allows you to use the lens with shutter speeds below the recommended shutter speed of over a 1/100.

If you do use the lens for macro and you want to capture everything in focus, remember that the lens can go to F32, so you should be able to capture everything, but at that F-stop, the amount of light hitting the sensor is minimal, so using a flash or a external light source is recommend.

Now, this lens is amazing at Macro, but the one part I did not expect this lens to shine so much is Portraits.

In use with portraits:

For a lens which is meant as a macro lens, it shines at portraits. The portraits I have taken with the lens is razor sharp, with lovely bokeh in the background of the portraits.
The Lens has 3 settings for focusing, 0.3 to 0.5mm, 0.5mm to infinity and then full, which allows the lens to focus from 0.3 to infinity, from personal experience, it is best to set the lens to what you are going to take photos of, if you are doing macro, go with 0.3 to 0.5, if you are taking portraits, use the 0.5 to infinity settings.

The sweet spot for me with portraits is between 3.2f to 4.5f, but you can take pictures at 2.8F and it will still look great.

I want to mention, even though I haven’t used the lens for video yet, from what I understand with the stabilization, you have a very versatile lens which allows you to focus up close as well as using pedal zoom to focus on the subject from afar.

Build Quality of the lens is good, it feels solid and with all the other lenses in the Canon L series, it feels as if it can take a beating after a long day of photography or filming.

If you are looking for a good prime lens and you don’t mind using pedal zoom, this is a fantastic lens to get.