Best free photo editors for photographers

For starting photographers it’s sometimes difficult to start editing photos without paying for high end software, but fortunately due to the world of opensource software development, it has become easier for users to edit their photos with free high quality software. So here is the best free photo editor for photographers:


Darktable is a great full featured image editor which manages to loads raw images incredibly quickly. I tend to use Darktable in conjunction with Lightroom when culling images to cull images quicker than using lightroom alone. It’s available on a variety of devices so your system should be able to support it.


RawTherapee :

RawTherapee has the most “lightroom” interface of the various software I have tried, it’s not that difficult to change the exposure and the contrast compared to some of the other software. So for those starting out I think this is probably the best to get.



Filmulator is a recently released free raw image editor with the goal of making the editing of photos that simulate the feeling of developing film .  it does feel a bit lacking in features and the user interface and user experience is a bit lacking, but this is still early in development so things can change down the line.



GNU Image Manipulation Program or simply known as Gimp is a full-fledged image editor released for free.  Personally, for image editing I would rather use something else to edit a lot of photos, but if you need to do fixes on a single photo, Gimp is a great free software to edit your photos with. It doesn’t have native raw support yet and opens the raw files in darktable to edit before opening them in gimp