Pieter Bruwer

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Pieter Bruwer – photographer, graphic designer, and videographer.

I always had a passion for cinema and that translated well into my photography. Knowledge of lighting and framing is key in capturing a good portrait. With over 10 years’ experience in photography and videography and 15 years in graphic design and web design, you can trust me with your creative needs. Over this period, I have had the privilege to work with some amazing brands.

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PCB Photo

PCB Photo is a multi-faceted photography and graphic design business. I sometimes get the question: “Pieter – where did it all start?”.

I studied Multimedia & Animation, Digital & Web Publishing, E-Commerce & Web Management, and LiveDesign Character Animation & Film at Damelin Education Group. As a student, I started doing did little side-jobs for friends and referrals, from logo designs, album covers, and websites. In 2012, after working in a corporate environment for 8 years, I decided to pursue my dreams and opened my own business.

This is how PC Bruwer Photography & Design or PCB Photo for short, started. This year we are celebrating our 7th year anniversary. Never give up on your dreams.

If you need any photography, graphic design, web design, SEO help or videography, I am here to assist.


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