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Hello, I am Pieter Bruwer, the head photographer and graphic designer of PCB Photo. I specialize in Portraits and event photography. I have a love for graphic design and photography.nnI have always had a love for cinema and that translates well into photography, where a knowledge of lighting and framing is key in capturing a good portrait.nnMy love for graphic design developed alongside my love for cinema in my teens, I would say my personal graphic design style would probably best described as clean and sometime minimalistic.

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Since my student days at Damelin education group, I have always done little jobs for people on the side, from poster design, album covers etc. but when I was retrenched from my previous job in 2012 I decided it’s time I started using my knowledge of graphic design and photography to further my own career, from which PCB Photo was born.nnPCB Photo specializes in graphic, web design and Photography. From helping creating a simple website, helping you with your websites SEO, event photography, corporate headshots PCB Photo can help you with your photography and graphic design needs. From Weddings to Corporate headshots, we can help with your photography needs.

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